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Social Media Marketing Leaders in providing ROI (Return on Investment) strategy for your business.

Social Strategy Consulting

The first step to creating a winning strategy is to establish your objectives and goals. Without goals, you have no way to measure success or return on investment (ROI).

Social Marketing Optimization

Be a Social Media Marketing Representative for business and have an optimization plan by create, Manage, Engage and Grow Social Media accounts and be a constant Growth Marketing Hacker

Social Marketing Results.

Measure your results by various metrics like Sales, website traffic, email sign-ups, Like, comments , shares and customer review management.


From small to mid-size business ranging from Real Estate, Mortgage Brokers, Health and Dental Clinic, General Contractors, Retail and E-commerce. We provide local business marketing solutions to grow your business  by creating digital presence so your customers can find you online effectively.

Event Management
Google My Buisness
Social Media Marketing
Website Design and Optimization.
Reputation Management

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What our Client buisness say?

We have experienced a drastic increase in our following and our geo-targeted traffic rates, improvements in retention on our website, higher social media numbers, and an all-around positive sentiment towards our brand.
Elizabeth Doe
Socks Fiesta
Their work allowed us to promote ourselves to a broader audience through social media and our website. Focus Social successfully increased our revenues and ROI in the first 60 days.They have mastered in FB Campaigns delivarables.
John Smith
46% lower cost per customer acquisition, 90% increase in Traffic, 78% increase in return on ad spend, 3X Amount of Sales Generated.
Veronica Delton
Fashion Retail
74% conversion rate from sales campaign, 90% lower cost per acquisition overall, 14% click-through rate on traffic ads.
Louis Carmen
Real Estate
391 conversions from ads in 4 days, 2.4X higher return on ad spend, compared to previous year, 2.3X higher click-through rate, compared to previous year, 8.6-point lift in awareness
Fabiano Rosetta
Pizza Restaurant.

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