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Social Focus Group Ltd was founded by the visionary entrepreneurial team in canada with their passion and love of exploring the world for unique, high quality beverage and spirits products That inspired the birth of Social Focus Group Ltd. New regions are being explored, old regions re-visited, and on the basis of their expertise, the team is proud to share their discoveries with the Canadian, USA and European consumer.

As a Liquor Distributors, our philosophy is one of entering into long-term relationships with suppliers. Upon obtaining product listings, we emphasize brand development, market presence. Promotional activity and media relations, coupled with nurturing and expanding our network of contacts in all sectors of the beverage & spirits INDUSTRY TO ensure growth.



Social Focus Group Ltd is proud to be manufacturer representative, exclusive licensed sales agent and Liquor Distributors of excellent quality spirits product, the company actively distributes premium quality wines, ciders, beers, cocktails, mocktails and malt beverages . Our Research & Development staff are dedicated to excellence and aims to create new exotic products that are attractive to consumers today while emphasizing pleasure and the reasonable consumption of alcohol. For retailers and hospitality clients, our company is a valuable supplier and a trusted partner recognized for its professionalism, commitment to quality service and marketing.


Our Company with in-house marketing department aims to provide innovative and effective integrated marketing solutions by delivering results-oriented marketing strategy and campaigns that enhance our clients’ awareness, improve their sales and foster their growth. From being exclusive in-house Liquor Distributors marketing department we also cater from small to mid-size business. We provide local business marketing solutions to grow your business  by creating digital presence so your customers can find you online effectively. 


CBDhempq is a onestop shop to consumers for CBD educational resources and natural healing products  with organic farms and ISO/GMP/FDA regulated brands located in the US, Canada and Europe.  CBDhempq  is a well known health and fitness solutions provider and innovator in the areas of CBD /HEMP learning and technology which is known around the globe for providing cutting edge  products that work! At CBDhempq our company is built upon results and customer service is a big part of that process. Feel free to drop us a line and one of our customer service agents will get back to you shortly.

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