Choosing the best website builder can be difficult, as there are 74 popular options to choose from with different feature sets.

Website builders have been around since the early 2000s and they look a lot different today than they did back then. Features advance, user expectations increase, and building a website isn’t the same as it was 10+ years ago.

When creating your website, I want to make this first decision easier. By showcasing the best website builders, I want to help you find the right solution for your online business.

These reviews are based on web hosting, price, reliability, technical support, site speed, SEO, features, learning curve, the control panel experience, and more.

Please note, I may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links below. However, these are the best tools I have tested that I believe are most effective for launching and running a website.


Using a website builder is a quick and easy way to build a presence for your brand or online business. These tools simplifying your site management by combining domain registration, hosting, and site design into one platform.

While you lose some control by going this route and can instead choose from managed hosting providers for a WordPress site, website builders can still be a good option once you understand your website’s needs.

For example, your needs will be different if you’re a local business that needs a simple 5-page website, or a personal brand building a blog to generate traffic and sell products.

In the end, the choice is ease of use vs. control.

If you’re familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you can choose a more advanced tool and control the look and feel of your customized site. If you’re not too savvy with web design and development, you’ll want to go with an easy drag and drop editor.

Here are my picks for the best website builder:




Bookmark is not your typical website builder but instead a powerful Artificial Intelligence platform that also has excellent website builder functionality and zero transaction fees.

I added Bookmark to this list because of their very advanced feature set. This includes best in class SEO (URL structure, site speed, uptime), conversion rate-optimized themes, and 600+ product options.

If you’re looking for a website builder and might sell products one day, Bookmark is only $11.95/month and has more advanced functionality than Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, and all other top website builders and ecommerce platforms.

If you’re looking to add shopping cart software to your website builder, look no further than Bookmark. First, I love their AI themes because conversion rate optimization is their first priority with your web pages.

Sites look great, load fast, and every website conversion action is accounted for. I currently use their AI platform and vide background to sell digital products on one my  site and the speed is fantastic. Instead of bogging down hosting companies by sharing resources, BC4WP uses an open source API, allowing front end content  and a backend commerce engine.

I originally used bookmark as its AIDA works by just letting them know what is your product and services or industry and it will create your website in 30 seconds. Just sit back relax and watch how AIDA makes websites designs until your satisfied.

By switching to Bookmark, I’ve increased my e-commerce site conversion rate substantially.

They have three retail plans available ranging from FREE $0.00 to $24.95/month and they offer a free 15-day trial to set up your own website.

  1.  Unlimited Storage
  2.  Connect your Domain
  3.  You get a Free Domain ($24 Value)
  4.  You get a Free Email ($24 Value)
  5.   You get a Free Secure SSL certificate (Value $100)
  6.  Online Courses ($497 Value)

Get started with Bookmark today.

2. WIX

Wix Logo


Wix is the most popular website builder on the market with over 100 million users. They have 500+ ready-to-use templates to design your website that work for many different categories and industries.

If you already have a domain on GoDaddy or want to register one at Wix.com, they make it very easy. Also, if you’d like to add ecommerce to your site so that you can sell online, plans start a $20/month.

I wouldn’t recommend Wix as the best ecommerce platform with more advanced options like BigCommerce in the market. However, if you’re already using Wix and want to add an ecommerce store, they have some great new features.

Wix is the most user-friendly drag-and-drop website builder on the market. You can almost endlessly customize the look and feel of your site with no coding knowledge. They are truly leaders in drag and drop functionality – I’m pretty sure my 4-year-old cousin could build a site on Wix. (He could use an iPad at 2, so he’s pretty much a pro). 

Wix also has a tool called Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) – the first artificial intelligence website builder. Wix ADI learns about your site and uses that information to design a site tailored to your specific needs. This includes the AI choosing from billions of combinations of images, text, layouts, and contact forms.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to create a website for your small business or need a site that’s easy to manage with lots of customization options, Wix is your best choice.

Try Wix today.

3. SITE123


Site123 offers users a free plan to test out their new site – it has very limited features but you’ll get a good understanding of how to use their software.

They also boast a strong uptime of 99.97%, over 200 design templates to choose from, and ecommerce plans starting around $22/month. Once you sign up, you can easily pay via PayPal or credit card and get set up in minutes.

If you’re looking to build a new website with Site123, you can register a free domain name, choose a basic plan, use their site builder, enjoy unlimited bandwidth, add-ons, contact forms, and advanced features that help you rank on search engines.

Overall, Site123 is best a great drag and drop builder for people that don’t have a web designer and want to get into website building without coding knowledge.

Try Site123 today.


Weebly Logo


Weebly powers over 530,000 domains and is known as the easy website builder of choice for people without much technical expertise. They offer a lot of great features.

If you’re a blogger, you can use the Weebly to pick a domain name and use their drag and drop editor to add (or schedule) your text, images, and content. They also have a mobile app to track your website’s performance on the go. And email marketing tools let you send newsletters to your subscribers from within their website builder.

They have a free plan which comes with 500 MB of storage, a free SSL certificate, and a domain with Weebly branding. You can use a custom domain with this plan, but are forced to have Weebly branding throughout your site. Also the free plan only comes with chat and email support, but no phone support.

Weebly’s paid plans range from $5 to $25 per month. On the high end, their Business Plan gets you advanced ecommerce functionality, a free domain, and $200 of Google ad credits.

Their ecommerce features include product options/variants, coupon codes, inventory management, a shipping calculator, shipping labels, and the ability to accept payments through Square and other providers.

If you are looking for a simple website creator to get up and running, I recommend you get started with Weebly.

Try Weebly today.



Hibu is an internet service company founded in 2001. They’re best known for their integrated digital marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. They help with features outside of your normal small business website builders – website design, local listings management, online reviews, display advertising, and SEO services.

Users find their local listings and SEO services most helpful. For a local business, building your online presence across places Google My Business, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and social media is paramount to building visibility.

On the digital marketing front, Hibu has provided websites with over 800 million visits, 225 million ad clicks, and over 6 million phone calls – pretty impressive.

When you sign up with Hibu, a team of digital marketing experts meet with you and provide one-on-one customer service. This is perfect if you don’t have the combo of know how of HTML, CSS, and hosting services. With partners like Google, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo, they are able to quickly develop a website strategy for your business.

They don’t show pricing on their website, but Hibu pricing typically involves a $100/month fee and an initial set-up fee of $499 to $599.


If you run a local business and need help with web design, support, and visibility across local listings, Hibu is your best choice.

Try Hibu today.



Jimdo allows you to create a website in as little as 3 minutes by asking questions about your business and leading you to the right design choices.

If I had to sum up Jimdo in one word, it would be automation. Automatic SEO syncs up your Google Search Console in 3 clicks. Content blocks build web pages faster than older page builders. AI asks you questions and builds a website based on your specific industry vertical.

They have a free plan available with limited features and on-site ads. When you upgrade to their $9/month plan, you get your own domain free for the first year, a completely ad-free site, advanced SEO features, and analytics reporting.

If you need stock photos, Jimdo uses AI to build your site images from their own image library which can be quite helpful. They also have easy social media integrations, navigation menus, and page designs that fit your industry. Ultimately, I’d say the AI is similar to Wix ADI but slightly better as their entire business is based on it.

If you’re someone looking to build a website in under 3 minutes with the power of AI, Jimdo is an excellent choice for you.

Try Jimdo today.



Since its release in 2003, WordPress has quickly become the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world – hosting over 75 million websites.

You can either choose a web host and create a WordPress site on WordPress.org, or you can use their self-hosted WordPress.com website builder.

With WordPress.com, you can literally create a website for anything – a blog, a local business, an online store – the options are limitless. With their free plan, you get a website, access to 3 GB of storage, and customer support. When you upgrade to one of their five paid plans, you get access to more advanced features, plugins, and priority support.

WordPress.com also has their Jetpack essential features built in, which includes basic SEO, social sharing, and site analytics.

Paid plans range from $3 per month for a simple blog setup to $45 for full ecommerce functionality. Most users opt for their Premium Plan at $8 per month which gives you everything you need to design, edit, and control your website’s content.

Try WordPress today. 


The best website builders for small business will give you everything you need to get up and running quickly, have strong uptime so that your site doesn’t go down, and provide email accounts for your employees.

Here are my picks for the best website builder for small business:

  1. Bookmark
  2. Site123
  3. Weebly
  4. WordPress


The best ecommerce website builders offer both easy ways to drag and drop content on your site, as well as robust ecommerce features like product pages, shipping integrations, product options, coupons, payment gateways, and more.

Here are my picks for the best ecommerce website builder:

  1. Bookmark
  2. Wix
  3. WordPress
  4. Weebly


There you have it – my list of the best website builders. As there are 74 options out there, I’ve condensed the list down to the very best so that you can choose the option that is right for your business or online brand.

  • If you are looking for the easy and value website builder for non technical person, I recommend Bookmark.
  • If you need an ecommerce website builder to sell products online, WordPress is your best choice.

What website builder do you use?

If you want more control over your website on WordPress and go with your own hosting, you can read my website hosting reviews here.

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